What’s the difference between cold pressed juice and the normal juice or pasteurized juice?

Daily Cold Pressed Juice is always cold-pressed. Our hydraulic cold-press method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with the juices which results in very slow oxidation or decomposition. The tremendous pressure exerted by our juice press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements. Cold-pressing juice is a method of juicing that enables juice to be bottled (without preservatives) and still maintain a 72-hour shelf life. Household juicers, typically ‘rotary’ or ‘centrifugal,’ are significantly faster processing method, but overall less efficient. As the blade inside a centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed, it generates heat. The heat also oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in the whole fruits and vegetables, rendering those nutrients that make it into the juice less pure.

Pasteurized juice is heated to a high temperature for a short time before it is sold. Most of the juices sold in Thailand are pasteurized, namely because it prolongs the shelf life of juice and is the more cost-effective than not pasteurizing. Unfortunately, pasteurization destroys the vital living components of the fruit and vegetables, rendering most ‘juice’ nutritionally deficient and pointless. Daily Cold Pressed Juice promotes the consumption of living, high-frequency fruit and vegetable juice, and therefore we mindfully press, bottle and sell a truly raw and unpasteurized product.

How Daily Cold Pressed Juice detox program can help?

Toxins are everywhere. The most common toxins we collect include food additives, pesticides, household cleaners, exhaust pollution, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which enter the body when we ingest or inhale them. Many of these toxins become deposits in our fat cells, and if our diets lack certain nutrients our natural detoxification processes become far less efficient. The constant daily cleansing our bodies go through naturally is impressive and in most cases our organs are perfectly capable of handling these jobs. The problem is we never give our “cleaning systems” the much-deserved rest they require. We’re constantly bombarding them with invisible toxins while eating a diet inadequate in nutrients to do the proper clean-up and maintenance jobs. Add stress to the mix and at best – this results in a serious loss of vitality and energy over time. At worst – we develop a series of chronic life-changing illnesses. Your body is a work of art – perfectly designed to detoxify naturally. Daily Cold Pressed detox program helps to accelerate this natural process by neutralizing dangerous toxins in your body or aiding their elimination. It is particularly efficient and effective because our programs provide a two-pronged cleansing method:

It floods our entire system with easily-assimilated nutrients, vitamins and minerals – energizing and stimulating our natural healing abilities.

Our digestive system finally gets the rest it deserves. Vital energy normally used to digest food is freed up, allowing that energy for other uses, like cleansing and detoxifying each and every cell. Our bodies begin to naturally scavenger-hunt, scouring for dead cells, toxins, neoplasm’s, damaged tissues and dangerous fatty deposits, all of which are then burned for fuel. Daily Cold Pressed Juice detox program is a healthy, nutritious way to cleanse and revitalize your body. Juice detox’s main goal is to actively reduce the amount of built-up of toxins in the body. However, detoxifying by liquid diet has many great additional benefits, which include helping reboot you into a healthier lifestyle (after our detox you’ll be more aware of what you put back into your body), weight loss, a boost in energy levels, as well as generally making you feel (and look) way better.

Why is juice so expensive?

Not all juice is created equal. When you consider what you’re consuming every bottle of Daily Cold Pressed juice during detox program, approximately 2 kilograms of freshly pressed fruits and vegetables, and the process involved, it's actually quite inexpensive!

Is it organic?

We try to use organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Hygiene is our utmost priority. In the process, all fruit and vegetables are soaked in Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) for 20 minutes, then rinsed 3 rounds through purified water, which can eliminate chemical residues by 90-95%

Will I gain weight? Can I drink Daily Cold Pressed juices if I am a diabetic?

Our juices are 100% made from raw and fresh fruits and vegetables, natural sweetness without any sugar and additives added. Your body can fully metabolize it, just like you eat fruits.

Which Daily Cold Pressed juice cleanse program I should start with?

You can start with any program you like, depending on your juice cleanse goal.

Revitalize program: Increase vitamins and enzymes in your body, rejuvenate and re-hydrate skin cells, improve digestive and excretory system.

Detox program: Detoxify your digestive system by giving your liver and kidney a full-time break so that they can eliminate toxins in your body. Also help lose weight.

Can I choose my own juices?

Daily Cold Pressed juice cleanse program is well designed for optimum benefit. We recommend you to follow the whole program. All the juices are tasty and easy to drink! But in any case if you would like to choose your own juices, please let us know.

Will you provide drinking instruction?

Yes, complete drinking instruction will be provided with the juices.

Will I get exhausted or hungry during the detox program?

You will get approximately 1600-1800 calories per day during the detox program which is plenty enough for your daily routine so you will not get exhausted. Yes, you probably will feel some hunger in the first day or two. This is completely normal and should pass as your body acclimates to consuming liquids only. Many times, the sensation we are feeling is not true hunger. The truth is, most of us can go without solid food and be just fine. Usually, it is the feeling of an empty stomach or the ritual of eating at certain times that we mistake as hunger.

What I should prepare before starting the detox program?

One day before starting the detox program, you should avoid eating red meats and dairy products.

What I should do after finish Detox program?

You will feel great when you finish the detox program, and do not want to go back to eating unhealthy food. However, if you feeling like eating it, we recommend you to give yourself some time by gradually resume your daily diets.

Can I do juice cleanse if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

We recommend you to drink our juices as a supplement to your current diet, not drinking them alone. You actually need to add a lot more calories than you normally consume while breast-feeding.

Should I stop drinking tea, coffee during the cleanse program?

Yes, you should. But if you really need to, we recommend you to have them one hour apart from the juices in order to get full benefits of our live juices because caffeine does block nutrient absorption.

Should I still drink water during the juice cleanse program?

Due to Daily Cold Pressed Juices are from pure vegetables and fruits, we recommend you to also drink water at least 6-8 glasses a day as usual.

Will I be going to the toilet all day?

You will urinate more often due to vitamins, enzymes, and liquids taken which stimulate your body to eliminate toxins through urine. In some cases due, you will defecate a little more often due to fiber intake which is normal.

How long can I store my juice?

Please keep it refrigerated and drink within 72 hours (3 days) for maximum benefits

How the juices be delivered? Do you deliver to upcountry?

Complete set of Daily Cold Pressed Juices are delivered one time for 3 days program. Juices are packed with ice in a foam container to ensure best quality. In greater Bangkok area we deliver directly to your doorstep. While in upcountry areas, juices are delivered by air, bus, and van.

How far ahead do I need to book my order?

2 Days in advance is recommended. We only made juices by order, no stocking.