Daily Cold Pressed

Live Juices from The Nature!



  • Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Programs aimed for detoxifying body, rejuvenating cells, re-hydrating skin and repairing digestive and excretory system.
  • 100% fresh vegetable & fruit juices from cold-pressed method. Healthy and delicious.
  • Raw & unpasteurized to preserve live enzymes and vitamins. Made with hygiene process to ensure freshness and safety.
  • In 500ml bottles.
  • No sugar added. No preservatives. No additives. The juices are delivered in ice box to preserve freshness. Please keep in refrigerator and drink within 3 days to get maximum benefits.
  • Packed with micro nutrients that your body needs for the metabolism and excretory system and vitamins that accelerate toxin removal process.
  • Support local agricultural community by using fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from local farmers.
  • For more information or place your order, contact us via LINE, Facebook Fanpage and telephone. We do deliver to your doorstep in Bangkok area and by public vans, buses and airlines nationwide.