Cold Pressed Juice

Cleanse Programs aimed for detoxifying body

rejuvenating cells, re-hydrating skin and repairing digestive and excretory system.

Daily Cold Pressed Program is 3-day long.

Choose from three intensity levels.


Revitalize Program

Drink 4 bottles each day replacing two meals.
12 bottles in total.

2,400 Baht.

revitalize-day-1.png  Day 1

revitalize-day-2.png  Day 2

revitalize-day-3.png  Day 3


Detox Program

**Full detoxify and weight-loss program for faster result**
Drink 6 bottles a day replacing three meals. 18 bottles in total.
3,600 Baht.

detox-day-1.png  Day 1

detox-day-2.png  Day 2

detox-day-3.png  Day 3


Ultimate Detox Program

**The highest level of juice cleansing program, combining benefits from Superfood for greatest physical wellness i.e. skin-cell rejuvenating, anti-aging, immunity strengthening, antibiotic and detoxifying. ** 
Drink 6 bottles (500 ml) a day replacing three meals. 18 bottles in total.
And drink 3 Superfood Shot (70 ml) a day. 9 bottles in total
4,500 Baht.

ultimate-day-1.png  Day 1

ultimate-day-2.png  Day 2

ultimate-day-3.png  Day 3


Daily Cold Pressed's One Day Trial

For people who want to try detox program for one day or who detoxify regularly and want to maintain dietary balance.
One set : 6 bottles.
1,400 Baht.



**All prices exclude delivery charge.